When she arrives at the party she is met by the Mistress who puts cuffs, collar and leash on her, and then she puts black contact lenses in her eyes.  Mistress then leads the unseeing girl into the party room, ties her arms up over her head, and then makes her available to the guests.

The contacts, a long time dream of mine

My gods, that’s brilliant!



Those girls loved to play to the edge.  They invented a new secret game they’ve called “The Knocking Roulette” 

It has some simple rules but was dammed dangerous to play.  Volunteer boys were always easy to find for it.   Both girls have to be in their fertile period of the month so to be fair enough with each other.  Then they have to fuck them cowgirl position, reach her own orgasm and then whoever gets him to cum first wins.

The tricky point is that they added an extra thrill in it.  They dared each other to ride them bareback. Another lately extra rule establishes that the guy must cum on the very lips of her cunt.

It turned out to be quite difficult for some of the girls as Melissa was recently knocked up and out of the game.  It happens that they must concentrate as much as possible on the moving and throbbing of their cocks to let them aim to their pussies.  Sometimes, as Melissa discovered, it’s very difficult to concentrate if your own arousal interferes with your control. A couple of seconds delay,  her mind lost in the thrill of being filled with hot, delicious, yet dangerous cum…  may have her miscalculated her partner as she grimaced and started to cry out "Fuck!! Fuck!!"  while she felt him hosing his cum directly inside her.

Dangerous game  isn’t it ?